Rasta Closet (eCommerce)

Rasta Closet E-Commerce Web Development Rasta Closet E-Commerce Web Development Rasta Closet E-Commerce Web Development

LAUNCHED: November, 2013

VISIT: http://rastacloset.ca/

Rasta Closet is a local shop here in Barrie, Ontario based out of the 400 Market. Our creative director met the owner on location, and conversation started about web sites. Unfortunately for Rasta Closet they had a negative experience with a previous "web designer" here locally, but we were happy to help!

The owner had very little computer knowledge, but a very big passion and a dream. The customer basis was already there, with over 1400 likes already on their facebook, they needed a website capable of handling a large flow when needed. This ment that the site had to be automated with some scripting muscle.

What Sanity Designs did was set up a content management system , allowing the owner to edit stock, sizes, and shipping prices with a few clicks of the mouse. They didn't need to learn any programming language to keep maintenance on their inventory. This saves money since they don't need to call a web developer for every tiny update.

Since the owner didn't have a graphic editor, we took it upon ourselves to go through 200+ images and set-up original inventory. There was a lot of editing to be done, the pictures provided were shot with a low resolution camera, but luckily using the latest tools in image editing we power housed through the work load. Every individual item was cropped out of the background, color corrected, given a white background, and a matching shadow.

With some extra effort we were able to provide the customer a professional looking eCommerce store without raising the budget.

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