Manitoba Botox Responsive Mobilzation

Manitoba Botox Mobilzation Manitoba Botox Mobilzation Manitoba Botox Mobilzation

LAUNCHED: October, 2013


CLIENT: 3B Solutions

Manitoba Botox was a project handed to us by 3B Solutions. The desktop site had already been designed by their studio and the client has loved it ever since it was launched. Our job was to upgrade the site to HTML5 and CSS3, then mobilize! Since the client was so in love with the design, it was essential we kept the desktop layout the same .

The layout we were given was pretty creative and it was with the power of jQuery that we could reproduce the same visual effect while making the site responsive. The mobile drop down menus retain the "drift wood" effect 3B Solutions originally designed for their client. The end result was a clean looking mobile site that still had the same branding as the original desktop version.

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